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"Design is about making people happy; either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally." ~ Robin Siegerman




If you've been to the paint store numerous times, have 15 or more color swatches painted on your walls, or have been laboring over choosing colors for months - you can appreciate that picking colors is not easy!


Let us help you come up with a color palette that will work for you in your home, tie in all of your furnishings, appliances, existing features, and still have future resale value in mind.


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Creative Design


Creative Design or Redesign is the process of giving your home a new look without starting from scratch. We use what you already own as a place to begin, and help you find a look and style that will reflect your current taste and lifestyle. 


We can help with large or small home improvements; and any suggestions made will always incorporate an eye toward future resale value.


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