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National Association of Realtors (NAR) Statistics 2014

Ninety-two percent of buyers use the internet in some way in their home search process and for forty-three percent the first step in the home-buying process was looking online for properties.


HomeGain 2012 National Home Improvement Survey Results

HomeGain recently surveyed nearly 500 real estate agents nationwide to determine the top 5 home improvements that they recommend to home sellers, based on average cost and return on investment (ROI). They are: 












Home Staging Resource (HSR) 2014 Statistics

HSR just completed the largest home staging statistics survey ever taken of over 3500 homes sold in 2014.  The home staging statistics show that on average, professional home staging by an HSR Certified Home Stager increases the value of the home over 10% of unstaged comparables!  Spending around 1% on the “professional” staging of a home resulted in HUGE returns for the 2014 home seller.  In fact, we saw direct correlation between staging dollars spent and increase in sales price.


Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) 2013

RESA studied 481 vacant and occupied homes that were staged BEFORE they went on the market. These homes, on average, received their first offer in 23 days after being professionally staged.


RESA also studied 63 vacant and occupied homes that were previously on the market NOT staged. These 63 homes sat on the market, on average, for 143 days before the homeowners gave up and called in a professional home stager. Those same homes were staged and received their first offer, on average, 40 days after being professionally staged.


That is 72% less time on the market.



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